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This website contains lecture notes for International Corprate Finance Lecture by Anna Chmielewska

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Lecture Notes "International Corporate Finance "

Lecture Notes - Set 1 - Introduction
Lecture Notes - Set 2 - International business and agency problem
Lecture Notes - Set 3 - Foreign Exchange
Lecture Notes - Set 4 - Leverage Example
Lecture Notes - Set 5&6 - Capital Structure and Debt Financing
Lecture Notes - Set 7 - Capital Structure and Equity
Lecture Notes - Set 8 - Private Equity & Valuation
Lecture Notes - Set 9 - Country Risk
Lecture Notes - Set 10 - Review Lecture

For students who completed their presentation/assignment:
The exam will consists of 25 questions (multiple choice). Each correct answer is worth 2 points. Points from exam will be added to the points gained from case study presentation and additional points for attendance and active participation. The maximum score from exam is 50. Reference total score from the lecture is 100

For students who failed to deliver the presentation/assignment
The exam will additionally include a descriptive task(s) for maximum 50 points. The exam score will consititute 100% of the final grade. No additional points will be added.

Looking forward to your active participation during the 2017 Autumn term and thank you for your visit!

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